Lady Antebellum - Cant Take My Eyes Off You tab version 1

Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Intro)
by Lady Antebellum

emphasize notes in a parenthesis ()

G Em Ce|-------------------------------------------------------(3)-------|B|---(0)-------(0)-(1)-(3)-(0)------(0)-(1)-(3)-(1)---------(1)----|G|----------0--------------------0--------------------0--------(0)-|A|-------0----0---------------2----2---------------2----2----------|D|---(2)-------------------(2)------------------(3)----------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
De|-(2)------(2)-------|B|--------3----(3)----|G|-----2----------(2)-| REPEATA|-(0)----------------|D|--------------------|E|--------------------|
It's my first time doing a tab so pls go easy on me :) If I there's something wrong with it pls comment. And pls note that this is only the INTRO.
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