Lady Gaga – Paparazzi Acoustic chords

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Acoustic)

Lady Gaga plays a lot of her songs acoustically on her piano with big differences 
in the melody. Heres how to play her acoustic version of 'Paparazzi'.

long intro on the Cm and A chords

C - D - Em - D

Em - D - Em - C

C - D - Em - D

Verse 1:
BmWe are the crowd
We're c-coming out Got my flash on it's true Need that picture of you
GIt's so magical
BmWe'd be so fantastical
BmLeather and jeans
garage glamorous Not sure what it means But this photo of us
GIt don't have a price
Em (once)Ready for those flashing lights
(N.C.) Em (once) 'Cause you know that baby I Chorus:
CI'm your biggest fan
DI'll follow you
Emuntil you love me
CBaby there's no
Dother superstar
EmYou know that I'll be
Dyour Papa-paparazzi
C DPromise I'll be kind
EmBut I won't stop until
Bmthat boy is mine
CBaby you'll be famous
DChase you down
Emuntil you love me
Bm Verse 2:
BmI'll be a girl
backstage at your show velvet ropes and guitars Yeah cause you're my rockstar
GIn between the sets
BmEyeliner and cigarettes
BmShadow is burnt
yellow dance and return My lashes are dry But the teardrops I cry
CIt don't have a price
BmLoving you is cherry pie
EmCause you know that baby I
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Chorus slowly)
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