Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw tab

I'm confident that most of it is 100% accurate. Except the one bit after the chorus.
Great song, good to see a softer side to Sov, ahaha.

Main riff

e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-2-----6-----|E|-0-----4-----| You ca figure out the strumming by listening to the song.
This is basically it throughout the song except for the end of the chorus which is this.
After first chorus After second chorus (only 70% sure)e|------------- ---------------------------|B|------------- ---------------------------|G|------------- ---------------------------|D|------------- ------6h7p6--------6b7-4-6-|A|-6-4~--6-6-4~ -6-4~-------6-6-4~---------|E|-4-2~--4-4-2~ -4-2~-------4-4-2~---------|
Then the rest is just the main riff, please rate! (:
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