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Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 18:41:35 -0500 (EST)
Subject: TAB: by Lagwagon

Song: Untitled
Band: Lagwagon
Album: Double Plaidinum (1997)
Written by Lagwagon
Transcribed by Luke Knox ( e-mail me!!

This is the hidden track at the end of Double Plaidinum. Enjoy:

Intro:(listen to the CD for rhythym on this part)E---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G-----------5---5-----------3---5-------|D---3---3---5---5---7---7---3---5---3---|A---3---3---3---3---7---7---1---3---3---|E---1---1-----------5---5-----------1---| F F C C A A Bb C F
Verse:E------------------------------------|B------------------------------------|G---3-------3-------3---6--------5---|D---3---3---3---3---3---6---3----5---|A---1---3---1---3---1---4---3----3---|E-------1-------1-----------1--------| Bb F Bb F Bb C# F C
Chorus:(Play this 3x)E------------------- ---------------|B------------------- ---------------|G---3---5-------7--- ---3---5-------|D---3---5---7---7--- (then) ---3---5---3---|A---1---3---7---5--- ---1---3---3---|E-----------5------- -----------1---| Bb C A D Bb C F
Solo: (h-hammer on)E------------7--------------7-7--|B--------6-8---6--------6-8------|G------5--------------5----------|D--5h7------------5h7------------|A--------------------------------|E--------------------------------|
Riff played during last chorus repeat:E------------------------6-5-3-------------------6-5-3-------|B-------6----6-5---6-5-4-------6-5---6-5---6-5-4-------6-5---|G-----5----5-----6-----------------5-----6-----------------5-|D-5h7--------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
Lyrics: I can see what's meant to be has happened to us, too. Maybe I enjoy being screwed. But I will not be missing you, and missing all the time you've wasted. On a couch, you share with someone else, and you tell me don't believe that's all I am. There's no proof, I am not insane, I wanna thank you. For all the pain, it's a goodbye. But how can I just write it off as feelings you deny, when you've wasted All my time, looking for your life. You weren't there, when I was here. There's no proof. . . . That's it! Please send me any and all requests, comments, changes, or anything else. Thanks. Luke
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