Lagwagon – Fallen tab

Lagwagon - Fallen
Resolve - 2005 - iTune's-Only Track
Tabbed By: Stephen Parsons -

This is a special song that was recorded w/ Resolve but only availabe from iTune's. Both 
play the same thing all the way through.

D Dmaj7 G

D Dmaj7 Bm G x2

D     Dmaj7    Bm       G
yesterdays are numbered
D       Dmaj7         Bm              G
in many ways we could see the fall coming
F#m      G          Em              A
but lull prolonged, some will never belong
D           Dmaj7    G
so children age into prisons
D              Dmaj7            G
they establish shame with their poor inheritance
     F#m          G
they build covert roads
Em          A
some become addictions
   D     A    Bm       F#m
suspicion, in position
G                       Gm
yeah it's bound to have been
A                                   G      D
i guess i thought you were going to be around
         G       D
going to be rewound
Em           Bm
but you were honest
           G                A
i know you did the best one can

*riff during the chorus (listen to song for where it goes)e|----------------|B|----------------|G|9---11----------|D|x---x-----------|A|7---9-----------|E|----------------|
||Fill D Dmaj7 G x2 ||Verse/Chorus 2 D Dmaj7 G people speak of demons D Dmaj7 G to simplify the life then honor you my friend F#m G Em A they rationalize trouble-free hypothesis D A Bm F#m he's broken, too damaged, G Gm but bravely profound A G D i guess i thought you were going to astound G D going to stand your ground Em Bm but you were full pride G A i know it killed you to fail them fallen ||Intro x1 ||Verse/Chorus 3 D Dmaj7 hey, dog boy Bm G the whistmas souls would deploy D A Bm F#m you needed them, believed in them G Gm it's better to pretend A G D i guess i thought it was your rising G D you're long drawn out win Em Bm 'cause you were on it G A i know you did the best one can G D i thought you'd be around G D i thought you'd be rewound Em Bm G but everyone succumbs to some A we are all ||End C G D Dmaj7 G fa-aa-llen D Dmaj7 G Let the last G ring out Structure: Intro Verse/Chorus 1 Fill Verse/Chorus 2 Intro Verse/Chorus 3 End Really good song, recommended especially if you have Resolve.
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