Lana Del Rey – Queen Of Disaster chords

2nd submission, first one was wrong!!

Intro: Am Em D A

[Verse 1]
Am EmWhat you do to me is indescribable
D AGot me sparkling just like an emerald
Am Em D ASet my soul on fire and make me wild like the deep blue sea
Am EmNo other boy ever made me feel beautiful
D AWhen I'm in your arms, feels like I have it all
Am Em Am BIs it your tattoos or golden grill that makes me feel this way?
GYa got me spinning like a ballerina,
BmFeeling gangsta every time I see ya
EmYou're the king and baby
C CmI'm the queen of disaster, disaster
GGot me spinning like a ballerina,
BmYou're the bad boy that I always dreamed of
EmYou're the king and baby,
C Cm G Bm Em CI'm the queen of disaster, disaster
[Verse 2]
Am EmMy mascara thick, I get emotional
D AYou know I was more than just a party girl,
Am Em D AIsn't hard to see what's going on, I'm so far gone
Am EmWhen I saw your face it was incredible
D APin it on my soul it was indelible
Am Em Am BLet's celebrate our twisted fate, we're the broken ones
[Chorus] [Bridge]
C CmLadies and gentlemen, for the very first time....
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