Langelus – This Day God Gives Me chords

This Day God Gives Me

G D This day God gives me
C DStrength of high heaven,
G DSun and moon shining,
C DFlame in my hearth,
Em C DFlashing of lightning,
C DWind in its swiftness,
G DDeeps of the ocean,
C D GFirmness of earth.
G DThis day God sends me
C DStrength to sustain me,
G DMight to uphold me,
C DWisdom as guide.
Em C DYour eyes are watchful,
C DYour ears are list'ning,
G DYour lips are speaking,
C D GFriend at my side.
G DGod's way is my way,
C DGod's shield is round me,
G DGod's host defends me,
C DSaving from ill.
Em C DAngels of heaven,
C DDrive from me always
G DAll that would harm me,
C D GStand by me still.
G DRising, I thank you,
C DMighty and strong One,
G DKing of creation,
C DGiver of rest,
Em C DFirmly confessing
C GGod in three persons
G DOneness of Godhead,
C D GTrinity blest.
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