Langhorne Slim - We Love The Animals chords

			     WE LOVE THE ANIMALS - Langhorne Slim
Tabbed by: Noel

Tuning: Capo 2


C G C GThe monkeys are happy, the zebras are playing,
C G Dgiraffes they're laughing and all the children are saying,
C G C Gwhat good friends we have...we love the animals.
C G C GThe fish are in the ocean, the birds are in the sky,
C G Dwe're singing and we're dancing oh ain't it great the be alive,
C G C Gwith all the good friends we have...we love the animals.
Little riff:e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----3-2-1-0----------------------------------------------------------------|
Em C GGot a house by the lagoon, and I'm moving there in June,
Em C G Cget a garden and a cat, put a piano in the living room,
G D C G C Glife is crazy, it's a zoo...we love the animals.
Instrumental break: C G C G C G D C G C G Repeat 1st verse
G C G F C G C We love the animals, We love the animals, We love the animals, We love the
G F C Ganimals, We love the animals.
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