Larry And His Flask – Call It What You Will chords

This was the only song I had any trouble figuring out on my own because of the unusual
chords and progression, so I decided to go ahead and make an account and put this up.

A few notes:
  >I'm not sure if the G is always played as a dominant seventh chord, but the two are
pretty interchangable anyway.

  >The Em is always played as an Am shaped bar chord on the 7th fret and the Am that
comes after it is played on the 5th fret, while the C before the Em is easiest to play on
the 8th fret or the 3rd fret as a bar chord.  If the Am follows the E major then you 
just play a regular open E and Am.

  >On the diminished chord, if you keep your fingers in the same shape but move your
fingers up 3 frets every beat you get that cool ascending arpeggiated chord sound they do
on that measure.

  >The walk up part right before the second verse is a G7 arpeggio.  If you can't play
it just keep playing the G7 until the verse.


C   Cdim
C   Em  Am
E   Dm

C CdimCome get your hands on it brother (my brother)
C Em Amthe chance won't come again, (no no no)
E DmFollow your neighbors lead get everything a man could need
G7with a card in the palm of your hand
C CdimCome get your hands on your mother
C Em Ameverything must go, (no no no)
E DmFur coats, and diamond rings, and giant plasma tv screens.
G7You owe it to yourself don't you know?
E Am(repeat E and Am once per line for the next 3 lines)
so put your faith in the plastic my friend, your dreams are a swipe away. Don't you worry where the bounty comes from
G7if you do it might haunt you one day
F Fm C C7When the sun comes up and it's burning in the sky
F Fm G7Rest assured that it's dark on the other side
C CdimThe stores are boarding up their windows
C Em Amas the shopping malls cave in
E Dmeverything in chaos now, someone screaming tell me how can
G7we spend our money my friend
C CdimI tell em go build a castle,
C Em Amlock it up real tight
E Dmwith nothing left to consume can't you see we're clearly doomed
G7and the world just might hear tonight
Half Time:
E Am (repeat)recession, depression call it what you will,
we're the victims of our own greed. With cheaters for leaders our own empty dreams
G7will come back as nightmares ..
Even halfier time: Dm E Am
G FBut there's a clearing in the fog that might just be hope up ahead
Dm E Am G
D7/F#(or just D/F#)If we hurry, there's a chance, we could make it through to the end
Dm G7So tell me my friends was it worth what you spent?
Instrumental Break: C Am (x3) G7 Chorus:
F Fm C C7When the sun comes up and it's burning in the sky
F Fm G7Rest assured that it's dark on the other side, side side.
The end is those crazy G7 arpeggios ascending followed by a C arpeggio descending. Good luck!
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