Larry Sparks – Green Pastures In The Sky chords

(D)The Shepherd leads me out to Green (C) pastures, Where the (D) clear (A)sweet waters (D) flow
Though evil shadows are (C) all around (D) me, I'm not afraid He's (A) there I(D) know.

The storms may come and rage around me
I'm not alone, He is my shield
And when I'm weary, alone and forsaken
He Lifts me up He is so real

Though I may stray in the fields that are barren
where danger awaits me I may go
The master will search until he finds me
He'll guide me back into the fold

I'm one of his sheep, he'll love and protect me
When I call, He's there close by
The day draws near for that final journey
to that Green Pasture in the Sky
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