Good Times tab with lyrics by Latch Key Kid - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Latch Key Kid – Good Times tab

Song: Good Times
Band: Latch Key Kid

This is a great little song and is very easy to play.  Listen to the song to get 
the strum patterns.  I feel like it’s pretty correct, so I welcome any comments or corrections.

Standard Tuning

G	355433
B  	799877
Em	779987
D	557775
C	335553

G	B	Em	D	C 	(x2)

(Sharp strokes)
G               B
   Why don’t we step outside,
Em      D          C        
   And change our view.   
G              B      
   We dont see eye to eye,
Em      D        C 
   Sometimes its true.

G                  B
   Good times will come around,
Em         D       C        
   When we follow through.
G                 B             Em     D            C        
   I just want to share a smile with a friend like you.

   (C)             G   D   Em    (x4)
   A friend like you
    C              G
   A friend like you                         

   No use in splitting up,
Em       D    C        
   We're on a team.
G               B
   Lets just go win the game,
Em         D       C
   One for you and me.

Em               D     
   We might just find a way,
Em      D      C
   To a better day.
G                B               Em       D      C        
    When all our worries and our troubles melt away.

   (C)    G   D   Em    (x4)
   Melt away 
    C     G
   Melt away

Ending  (with pretty easy solo if you wanna figure it out)
G    B    Em    D    C    (x2)

C    G    D    Em    (x5)

G (let ring)

Hook ‘Em!
Chuck Monney
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