Latency – Cry Me Out chords

The Latency
Cry Me Out
The Latency
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Key: G#

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G# -  466544
Fm -  133111
Eb -  x68886
C# -  x46664
Bbm - x13321

Intro: G#--Fm--Eb--C#--

Verse 1:
G# I've seen you before so
Fmtell me what's your name?
I listened for more but
Eball I heard was pain
Blood on the floor it
C#always looks the same
G# Now that you're here well
FmI just want you to know
You made your mistake
Eband now I want you to go
I hope you can find
C#someone to take you home
Refrain: Cause I have seen
Eb C#countless rough ends
EbAnd I never thought that
Bbmours would be this way
G#You've got to cry me
Eb out and live this once
FmCause I'm done now
C# EbOur time has run
G#There's nothing here
worth staying for
EbWe're better off alone
FmYou've got to cry me out
C# Eband live this once
Verse 2:
G# We've made out mistakes
Fmbut I won't place the blame
Neither of us wants
Ebit to feel this way
When this is done nothing
C#will be the same
G# After it all I hope
Fmyou'll understand
The sky was the darkest
Ebthat it's ever been
After the rain you'll
C#see the light again
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: While screaming at backup vocals
C#When hope is lost
FmAnd no one's won
C#Life goes on
Fm EbSo live this once
(Repeat Chorus) Guitar Solo: Tapping C#--Eb-- Outro:
C# EbYou're heart won't beat the same
C#You're heart won't beat the same
There's nothing here worth staying for
EbWe're better off alone
C#(hold)Our hearts won't beat the same
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