Laughing Colors – War On Drugs tab

War on Drugs by Laughing Colors       tabbed by PM

This song is commonly mistaken as a Guns n Roses song called Sex Drugs and Rock and 
I couldn’t find any tabs for it so I decided to tab it myself. Pretty easy, just listen to 
song and you’ll figure it out. Great song. Hope you enjoy

Capo 2         All chords relative to capo

Verse 1:
          E                              B
It was long ago, seems like a dream
              Amaj7			A
the day I sucked the air from a bottle of whipped cream
	E			    B
and I got real high, and things got real slow
(slow) and I started talking like this (slow)
What's goin on I don't know
	      E			B
and then I sold my car for Greatfull Dead ticket
and my dad yelled at me and he grounded me
		    A 						E
and he said I was a dick it was the worst day of my life
and I’ll never forget,
but the very next day I was doing bong hits
in the back of my friends Chevette
	   E				B
so don't tell me, we're winning the war on drugs
cus drugs are like a big old can of raid
and you're all little bugs
  	     E			B
and don't tell me, to not get high
cus I’m as low as I can get without kissing your ass
and blowing you at the same time

	E			B
man don't tell me about love and peace
	Amaj7			     A
when one of the joneses has a hand gun pointed at me
	E		    B
don't tell me to just say no
	Amaj7			A
I'm an addict, I say no to letting it go
E			B
what ever happen to sex drugs and rock n roll
Amaj7		       A
now we just have aids, crack and techno

E – B – A
E – B - A

Verse 2:
so they busted me, so I say Fuck them mother Fuckers
for selling dope
and I went to jail and I wasn't forgiven
like that little Fucker who shot the pope
and they said I had the right to remain silent
but they couldn't explain
and I didn't resist and I wasn't violent
cus all I ever wanted was the right to remain
and they questioned me yah the asked me...why?
And I said...
I don't think I should be shot for selling pot
it's just my little way of saying high
now my records all Fucked up and I’m not allowed to vote
and two times a week they make me piss in a cup
when what I want to do is piss down there throat


Verse 3:
and they told me that times have changed
cus our parents have Hendrix, Janis and Jim
but what about River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain
and they told me, to praise the lord
but I’ve been waiting so long for him to call me back
I think I’m going to go prey at Betty Ford
and they told me, that life is fair
but I can't smoke a plant that was maid by God
but I can kill my wife if I’m a football player
and they told me, yah they told me
to just ignore
but I’d rather smoke crack out of Nancy Reagan’s skull
while getting a blow job from Tipper Gore

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