Laura Hackett – Beautiful Mercy chords

Beautiful Mercy
Words and Music by Laura Hackett
D There is no pit too deep
D/F#That Jesus cannot reach
Em9 There is no sorrow so strong
G/A AThat would overtake Your beloved one
A7 D And He’s brought me to the wilderness
F#m GWhere I will learn to sing
DAnd He lets me know my barrenness
F#m GSo I will learn to lean
Bridge 1:
BmBeautiful Mercy,
F#m GDo what you have to do
BmJealous Lover
F#m GDo what you have to do (to bring forth love in me)
Bridge 2:
A/B D/BSo I will sing…
Even in my barrenness Even in this brokenness Even in the loneliness
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