Laura Marling – Mexico chords

All chords barre, except for marked chords. Standard tuning, no capo. *= open chord


E-- --x-------x-------x-------9--|B-- --9-------8-------7-------7--|G-- --9-------8-------7-------7--|D-- --9-------8-------7-------6--|A-- --x-------x-------x-------x--|E-- 9-x-----8-x-----7-x-------x--| (Played once)
AWell come on let's go,
D#And head off to Mexico,
B E*And build our dreams on siestas of the day.
AI'll take my guitar,
D#Who knows, it might get us far,
B E*And we'll call each other by our fake names.
AWe'll restart our lives,
D#Cut the others off with lies,
B E*You don't know how lucky we are.
C B A*But it's you, me and Mexico,
C B A*You, me and Mexico,
C B A*You, me and Mexico...
E*And my guitar.
Repeat the same chords for the rest of the song. Hope this helps! Any corrections or suggestions would be helpful! Thanks to .:couch:. for the intro!
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