Laura Stevenson And The Cans – Im So Tired chords

This is a really pretty cover by Laura Stevenson of Fugazi's "I'm So Tired"

Chords used:

B B/Bb Abm Abm*e|--x----x----x----x--|B|--x----x----x----x--|G|--4----4----x----x--|D|--4----4----6----6--|A|--2----1----6----7--|E|--x----x----4----4--|
B B/Bb AbmOut here
Amb* BI can barely see my breath
Abm Abm* BBy jealousy and death
B/Bb AbmI can't be reached
Abm* BI've only had one call
B/Bb AbmDragged underneath
Abm* B B/BbSeperate from you all ... you all
B B/Bb AbmThis time, this time
Abm* BI've lost my own return
B/Bb AbmIn spite of
Abm* BEverything i've learned
B/Bb AbmI hid my tracks
Abm* BSpit out all my air
B/Bb AbmSlipped into cracks
Abm* B B/BbStripped of all my cares ... my cares
(Here she strums the two high (B and e) strings on the 2nd fret before going back into the B chord)
B B/Bb AbmI'm so tired
Abm* BSheep are counting me
B/Bb AbmNo more struggle
Ab BNo more energy
B/Bb Abm No more patience
Abm* BYou can write that down
B/Bb AbmIt's all too crazy
Abm* BI'm not sticking 'round
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