Lawrence Arms – Alert The Audience chords


C Am G Am F (x2)


CPassive, Aggressive,
AmConfessing, Repressive
GStructurally uncertain,
F C Am G Am F C Am G Am Ftransparent, transgressive
CI've stumbled into something
Amand I don't know what it is.
GAll I-beams, bolts and plaster,
F C Am G Am F C Am G Am Fcorners painted in piss.
CMistakes are the brakes
Amthat I'm cutting on me.
GFast down the hill,
F C Am G Am F C Am G Am Fimpossibly free.
CFaster and faster,
AmI'm burning the gears.
GMy tears are streaming
F C Am G Am F C Am Fback into my ears.
[Solo] C G Am C F (x2) {Verse]
C AmMy enemies I knew too well,
G F C Am G Am F C Am G Am Fthey bickered amongst themselves.
CI have a rule,
AmI love to break.
GIt ends in tears,
F C Am G Am F C Am G Am Fcursing and shakes.
[Interlude] C Am G Am F (x3) [Outro]
CI'm a clown and i'm choking on
Gblood, teeth and tongue
AmFuck the spectators,
Ffuck the "he was so young"
CFuck forced sympathy through
Glifeless glass eyes,
Am FPovichian voyeurs drinking my cries.
C G FFuck faced trilobites waiting to die.
C G FI can't stand the hu-mor
C Am G Am F C Am G Am F Cand i can't stand the lies.
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