Lea Salonga – The Journey chords

The Journey
by: Lea Salonga

Capo 3

Intro: C G C-D G

G CHalf the world is sleeping
G C BHalf the world's awake
Em CHalf can hear their hearts beat
Am DHalf just hear them break
G CI am but a traveler
G C BIn most every way
Em C Am DAsk me what you want to know
C D GWhat a journey it has been
C D GAnd the end is not in sight
C D GBut the stars are out tonight
C D GAnd they're bound to guide my way
C D GWhen they're shining on my life
C D GI can see a better day
C D GI won't let the darkness in
C D GWhat a journey it has been
G CI have been to sorrow
G C BI have been to bliss
Em CWhere I'll be tomorrow
Am DI can only guess
G CThrough the darkest desert
G CThrough the deepest snow
Em C Am DForward, always forward I go
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge
Em BmForward always forward
Am D BOnward always up
Em BmCatching every drop of hope
Am DIn my empty cup
(Repeat Chorus)
C D GWhat a journey it has been
End BY:KRIZIA H. PALTEP dedicated to my fellow graduates!
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