Lee Albert – Billy Tyler tab

     4/ Intro: A///Bm///D///F# (bend) G///Gmaj7///G///
      4        Gmaj7///

        Verse 1
        G           Am           D             G    D
        Billy's lady told him-let this be understood

        G               Am                  D
        somethin' better happen soon  cause things don't

                G  G/f# Em             C       F#
        look to good---tired of savin' pennies-tryin' to

                  D  C  G               Am
        make ends meet-come next Monday afternoon-we're

        D                   G      D
        gonna be out in the street

        Verse 2
        G                Am    D            G      D
        Billy thought it over-he said with a smile

        G                 Am          D             G   G/f#
        everythings gonna be allright-just a little while

        Em            C      F#                D   C
        gotta get down to it-pack my things and go

        G             Am           D                  G    E7
        he put on his tennis shoes-walked out into the snow.

        A                    Bm                E
        Oh Billy Tyler do you remember what you said

        A                                     Bm
        does your conscience get you when your lyin'

                E    D
        in your bed. Does it make you sorry for the

        A                       D
        things that you've done -do you feel repentance

               A                  A               Bm
        on the tip of your tongue-did you have to grab
                        D   F#(Bend) G///Gmaj7///
        your things and ru---n

        Verse 3
        G              Am       D               G   D
        She received a postcard-sad for her that way

        G            Am           D                 G  G/f#
        said I found myself a job-here at whitesand bay

        Em               C     F#              D  C
        sendin' you some money-so that you can eat

        G                 Am          D
        everythings gonna be allright-soon be back on

           G    E7
        my feet

        Repeat chorus:

        Fadeout on- G///Gmaj7///G///Gmaj7///
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