Lee Allen - Settle Down chords

Settle Down - Chords (simple)
(c) Drew Davis, Johnathan Hepner
Performed by: Lee Allen

chords written by Johnathan Hepner

Capo X4

Intro: G C D/F# X4

Verse I:
G C D/F#I don't know where my head went to
G C D/F#Cause all it does now is think of you
G C D/F#We got story that's still untold
G C D/F#Let's get together till we grow old
D CPeople tell me we've got time
D CBut they cant feel you on my mind
F DWhy put off our tomorrow when we can start today
C/B C D GCome on lets go, for a ride, Lets get crazy
C/B C D GI've been thinking there is something we should do
C/B C DCause I don't think I can wait another day
G D/F# Em C/B Am7 C/B CTo hear those small town church bells sound
CLets hurry up and settle down
Turn: G C D/F# X2 Verse II:
G C D/F#Things like this you cant rush into
G C D/F#But I just got your named tattooed
G C D/F#On a heart of gold etched in stone
G C D/F#Wear it on my neck so I'm not alone
D CI cant wait to feed you cake
D CWatch em' fight for your bouquet
F D Carry you in your pure white Dress, I'm praying you'll say yes *TO CHORUS* Bridge:
EmWe're running down that isle
D/F#Your dad winks at me and smiles
G C C/B Am7 G D/F#Kiss you and puts you in my hands
EmMy heart starts to race
D/F#Tears are falling down your face
C CThere's no need to ask, You know I do
Verse III:
G C D/F#Hawaiian island honeymoon
G C D/F#We ain't even left our room
*Chorus X2*
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