Lee Ann Womack – The Fool chords

The Verses are all the same chord patterns and so are the Choruses. Enjoy!(:
(No Capo)

Verse 1:
C F C Am CYou don't know me but I know who you are..mind if I sit down.
C F C Am GDo I look familiar, if I don't well I should,I'm sure you've seen me around.
Chorus 1:
Em Am F GI know you've probably heard my name,though we've not been introduced.
C F C FI'm the fool in love with the fool.
C G CWho's still in love with you.
Verse 2:
C F C Am CIf you got a minute I'll buy you a drink, I've got something to say
C F CIt might sound crazy but last night in his sleep,
Am GI heard him call out your name.
Chorus 2:
Em Am F GThis ain't the first time he's done it before.And it's hard to face the truth
C F C FI'm the fool in love with the fool,
C G CWho's still in love with you..
F C G CI know love is a fragile thing. And I'm trying hard to make it last.
F C F GBut it ain't easy holding onto my dreams, When he's holding on to the past.
Verse 3:
C F C Am CJust one more thing before I go, I'm not here to put you down.
C F C Am GYou don't love him and that's a fact,girl I've seen you around.
Chorus 3:
Em Am F GBut you hold his heart in the palm of your hand.And it's breaking mine in two
C F C F C G CCause I'm the fool in love with the fool...who's still in love with you.(X2)
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