Grandpa Would Album tab with lyrics by Lee Ben - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lee Ben – Grandpa Would Album tab

(all chords are power or barred)Example:E--------3-----B--------3-----G--------4-----D---5----5----- A---5----5----- E---3----3----- G5 G
Sprawl Verse: D5 F#5 B5 G5 Chorus: D F# B G I'm with the Star E5(7th fret) D5 E5(7th fret) D5 A(5th string only) C F5 E5(7th fret) D5 E5(7th fret) D5 F5 C Chorus: G A C... A C
Away with the pixiesB --2-2-2--4--4-4---------------G --4-4-4--4--4-4---------------D --4-4-4--4--4-4---------------A --2-2-2--2--2-2---------------B* (indicates B chord riff)
B* E B* A E F#5 E5 B* F#5 E5 G A Chorus: B* F# A E Side View C Am G F Em F Em G G Am G F Song 4 you G5 F#5 C5 G F C G5 A5 C5 The Loft E G D B A G E D B F# G Frigid
Chorus: E F# G A F# D B
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