Lee Evans – Fool tab

This is my first tab, but I've been working on this song for a really long time
now, so I'm pretty sure it's accurate. Just a note of how I play it: with the A
chord, I drop the first finger so the chord is 002200 instead of 002220

Capo on 3

Intro: Em G D A x2

Em                     G        D                             
     It's three AM as I stumble over to my bed

          Em                                      G                    
                      D         A
Got a funny premonition that tomorrow's gonna be the same

Em                  G                                D        
    And all I remember is how we think I heard you call my name

                  Em                                     G             
                 D     A
And your open invitation to come over for a drink or two

Em                                   G D                      
    Well when you do well, the true intentions of your secret smile

Em                              G                                 
    I couldn't stop, I couldn't tell you no, hate to say I'm giving in to you


Em                         A                                           
Wake up next to you, oh we're through with it, I fell in love with a fool

Em                   A                    C              D
     And I know I'm not the only one

Em                           A                           C    
    You leave your trap beneath the obvious, hoping some good girl falls through

Em                    A                      C             D
    And it's true, I'm not the only one

[no chord]
To fall in love with a fool

{Same pattern as Verse 1} Em G D A

At the end of the hall in room number eight-oh-four
There was the devil himself in his dark-kept secret hell
And curiosity grew with each and every following day
And I was dreaming, dreaming that you're here with me, hate to say I'm giving in to you


{Interlude - play A chord as a regular A}
    I tell the truth, you find it fun to play another

    But can't you see that I am only falling further?

Em                                                       D
    Tell me why you even took the time to bother

    I always knew that you would only bring me trouble

    The way I move, I think that I am seeing double

Em                                                               D
    I know you know that you will only cause me sorrow

[no chord]            Em     G D A < (A is 
to 002200)
I fell in love with a fool

                               Em     G D A
I fell in love with a fool

{end on A chord}
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