Leigh Mary Stokes - Superman chords

Superman Ė Leigh Mary Stokes    
CSitting across the room
AmThinking of you
FHad to turn away Ďcoz you saw me watching
Gand I was dead embarrassed
CIíd like to tell you all the things
AmOn my mind, but i just cant
FFind the words to tell you
GExactly what I mean but
CIíll keep your
AmSecret safe
FFrom the world with
GMe, coz
CI donít want
FTrying to steal my
(Verses follow C, Am, G, F throughout)
C AmI think that you must be,
F GAllergic to kryptonite,
C (And if you) take off your glasses
Amthe whole world will know
F G Your identity
And Iím not jealous or even embarrassed That the whole world knows what your underwear looks like Iím just so glad you Flew down next to me And like Banana Man I know that you would do the best you can With your super strength, To keep me from harm... And like Spiderman I know that you would spin a web around the world for me Itís all part of your charm. CHORUS
F Iíve been waiting so long
GTrying hard to keep strong
F GDoing this the best i can
FWhat I didnít realise
GIs Iíve been wasting all this time
F GHolding out for superman
And Iíve found him.
(C, Am, G, F X 2)(Verse)
You make the power rangers Look really lame And like an Autobot Youíd fight off any Deceptacon that came You Throw my captain hook out of the water, water So Iíll keep your secret safe Just like I ought a You saved me, from myself You are my obi wan Kenobi nursing me right back to health And I know that you donít wear a utility belt But Iíd still be your golden girl But, weíll have to do something About the bat mobile Coz neither of us can drive. (CHORUS) So stay away from Kryptonite and weíll be alright X2 So stay away from Kryptonite and we will be alright- Stay away from Kryptonite, and weíll be alright. CHORUS
C AmIíll keep your secret safe
F GFrom the world with me coz
C AmI donít want anyone
F Fm CTrying to steal my Su -per man
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