Leighton Meester And Garrett Hedlund – Give In To Me chords

Give Into Me -  Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund

Tap Tap|----------x------------x--||------1---x------1-----x--||--------0-x--------0---x--||--2h3-----x---2------2-x--||--3-------x---3--------x--||----------x------------x--|
CI'm gonna wear you down / I'm gonna make you see
Dm F CI'm gonna get to you, you're gonna give into me
CI'm gonna start a fire / You're gonna a feel the heat
Dm F CI'm gonna burn for you, you're gonna melt for me
G F G FCome on, come on, into my arms
F CCome on, come on......give into me
You're gonna take my hand Whisper the sweetest words And if you're ever sad, I'll make you laugh I'll chase the hurt, My heart is set on you I don't want no one else, And if you don't want me I guess I'll be all by myself Come on, come on, into my arms Come on, come on (come on) Give into me
G C FI'll use my eyes to draw you in
Until I'm under your skin
G C G CI'll use my lips, I'll use my arms,
FCome on, come on, come on,
CGive in to me
Give in to me Give into me
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