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"Favorite T"

From: Carl (cbjebs92@tufvan.hv.se)

Verse chord progression: Am - Dm - C - C - F - Dm - Em - G

Am                       Dm
I thought we had an understanding there
that wouldn't leave too soon
F                         Dm
Figure it over and you'll find out where
     Em                  G
your green shirt's gone

Am                     Dm
Had to hear about your Danish boyfriend
I forced a swoon
F                     Dm
So I went over to your dresser drawer
          Em          G
and now I got it on       

Chorus. Weird chords (Don't know the names of these chords. Perhaps you do?)
chord 1: 006460 (e-E)
chord 2: 0064x6
chord 3: 0042x4
chord 4: E
chord 5: 004422
chord 6: 008866
chord 7: 006644
start over (this part is played twice)

I got it on
your favourite Tee
It never looked as good on you
as it looks on me

I got it on
I'll wait and see
I used to wear it every day
and now it's twice a week

(verse chords start here)
twice a weak...
(etc - listen to the record and you'll get it, I hope)

Am                       Dm
Fill in the shadows of a certain corner
you used to sit there
F                        Dm
got me a brand new lamp, plugged it in
            Em                   G
and now the dark don't fit there   

Am                        Dm
Ain't got the time or the inclination
to see this through
F                       Dm
I'm lookin up, climbing out of the station
         Em            G
and the sky's too blue

The sky's too blue
The sky's too blue
It mightn't suit me quite as well
as it used to

I got it on
Your favourite tee
I used to wear it every day...

(last part of the chorus: after strange chord 5, pick the strings of an E9
(?) chord - 001420, that is)
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