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Lemonheads – Paid To Smile tab

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-3--3---3--------/---1---0---1---0---1---0---0------------------|-1--1---1--------/---1---1---1---1---1---0---1------------------|-2--0---0--------/---2---0---2---2---2---0---0------------------|-3--2---0--------/---3---2---3---2---3---2---2------------------|----3---2--------/---3---3---3---0---3---2---3------------------|--------3--------/---1-------1-------1---0----------------------|Would you really.. Smile... Smile.... Smile... OOOOH...
Could you see your way clear and arrange your eyes away from mine Sorry I'm here but you get paid get paid to lie You get paid to smile Would you really say hello and let me carry my own guitar and please don't hold the door I can work the handle on any car It's really not that hard smile, paid to smile smile, paid to smile oooh the cigarette girl took off her tray and dropped her dress in a shiny pile pulled her pants up on her way when gets home she'll laugh a while she gets paid to smile smile smile smile smile smile smile
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