Lena Meyer-landrut – Touch A New Day chords

Lena Meyer-Landrut

transcribed by: theohermsen


A:      X02220
Bm:     X24432
Cadd9:  X32033
D:      XX0232
G:      320033
Gmaj7:  3X0002

Intro:  D  A  Bm  Gmaj7  2x 


D A I Take a break now, turn it around
Cadd9 GPut my mind in a jamobree
D A I Never felt that feeling that I can
Cadd9 Gfeel When you´re near to me
God knows I never given more Than I do do do today, ´cause I Give it back what you´re giving to me And there´s a lot coming your way Chorus
D ACause I can touche a new day
Bm GJust by playing in a new play
D AI have got some brand new thoughts
Bm GAnd you will be a part in all these
I like the smell of fresh hay I wont stop right now to inhale I have got some brand new flavours Going in and out of my mind Verse 2 Straight in from a lousy time I took off on a cloudy day Not knowing that a little climb Could turn it in another way It appears as a matter of fact A little break off to the side Can change more things that you´ve ever thought of Ain´t no reason to hide Chorus Intro: D A Bm Gmaj7 2x Verse 3 Come on over, listen to me Enjoy your ride on my way to now It might be you more clever than me But we can complement Each other somhow Get back to the depth of your soul And unwind on a hanging seat You get more when you leave behind Some of the things you don´t really need Chorus Outro: D A Bm Gmaj7 2x
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