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Leona Lewis – Alive chords

intro: D# B F# C#                                 Vinko Capar 04.03.2010

D#I breathe, I hear
B But I don’t believe it
F#My heart, it beats
C#But inside I’m freezing
D#My hands shake
BThey’ve lost all their feeling
F#Nowhere to take
C#You say that you’re leaving
BAnd there’s no turning back this time
D#Gotta stay alive
B(7th freet) F#Where do I go when I’m so alone?
C# D#Where do I turn when you are so close?
B(7th freet) F#We try not to crash but we still collide
C#Tears I’ve cried, I’ll survive
D#I’m alive
I’m stripped, I’m bare I’m left here with nothing I hold the wheel And know where I’m going Your face, I see, in every reflection No time, no space I’ve lost all direction And there’s no turning back this time Gotta stay alive Chorus
C#I’m gonna get there someway
BThrough all the tears that you bring
C#And any road I can take
BJust to get me some place
C#Where all the stars on my heart
BAnd all the lies in the dark
C# BDisappear in my head
Lights so bright, tonight
D#Gonna drive them away
Chorus I’m Alive
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