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Leroux – New Orleans Ladies chords

New Orleans Ladies                                       Le  Roux

(capo 4th fret to match the Recording in B)   

Intro:  G--F#/G--Em--Am--C-D

G F#/G Em Am CNew Orleans Ladies, sassy style that will drive you crazy
G F#/G Em C Dand they'll hold you like the light, hugs the wick when this candle’s burning
G F#/G Em Am CThem creole Babies, thin and brown, and downright lazy.
G F#/G Em C Dand they'll roll just like the river, a little wave, will last forever
G D G F#/G EmChorus: All the way, (all the way, yea, yea), from Bourbon Street to Esplanade
Am C D G D they sashay bye, they sashay bye
G F#/G Em Am C New Orleans Ladies, a flair for life, love and laughter
G F#/G Em C DAnd they hold you like the night, holds a chill when this cold wind’s blowing
G F#/G Em Am CThem creole babies, they strut a sway, from dusk till dawning
G F#/G Em C Dand they roll___ just like a river, a little wave will last forever.
Chorus Flute Lead (like a verse) Chorus Chorus
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