Less Than Jake – Gainesville Rock City tab

Gainesville Rock City
Less Than Jake

Ok I love Less Than Jake and this is a cool song.  I'm pretty sure this is 99% right and your friends should be well impressed. (Unless they can play it already of course!)

The intro chords go like:

e|--0---0---0---0-------0---0---0------0----|B|--0---0---0---0-------0---0---0--------0--|G|--1---2---6---4-------1---2---6----------3|D|--2---2---6---4-------2---2---6---4-------|A|--2---0---4---2-------2---0---4---4-------|E|--0-------------------0-----------2-------| ^^^^^^^^^ Let Ring
Cool Guitar Riff:
e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|-------------------------h----h-| x3D|-----h-----h-----h------6-7--6-7|A|----5-7---4-5---2-4-------------|E|--0-----0-----0-----0-0---------|
pm: * * * * * ^Only on the first time round.e|----------------|B|----------------|G|----------------| x1D|---h-----h--7---|A|--5-7---4-5-7---|E|------0-----5---| ^^^^^ Let Ring.
The Verse is kinda easy:e|--o---------0--|B|--o---------0--|G|--1---------2--|D|--2---------2--|A|--2---------0--|E|--0------------| ^^^^^^^^^^ Let Ring.
On the second Verse a 2nd guitar plays:e|--12-----12----|B|-----12-----12-|G|---------------| Until the end of the Verse.D|---------------|A|---------------|E|---------------|
The Chorus is easy too:e|---------------|B|---------------|G|--------9--6---|D|--4--7--9--6---|A|--4--7--7--4---|E|--2--5---------|
After Chorus bit:e|---------|B|---------|G|---------|D|--4---7--|A|--4---7--|E|--2---5--|
After the second Chorus play:e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|--4---7---2--|A|--4---7---2--|E|--2---5---0--|
Outroe|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|--9-----9-------------9------------9--|D|--9-----9---h----h----9---h----h---9--|A|--7-----7--5-7--4-5---7--5-7--4-5--7--|E|--------------------------------------|Mute chords immediately.
Order: Intro x1 Cool riff x4 Verse x2 Chorus x2 After Chorus bit x1 Verse x1 With 2nd guitar part in. Chorus x3 After second Chorus bit x3 After Chorus bit x1 Intro x1 Cool riff with flanger x2 Outro x1 Verse 1 Just coz I sometimes wnat the I'll put the lyrics in too. This map hung up on the truck stop hallway door Is looking worn and I can hardly read it anymore I feel like I'm a speck thrown on the map And I can't help my urge to laugh I never used to feel like that Chorus 1 Well I'm half awake half a world away All my past mistakes and every mispent day I wouldn't have it any other way Verse 2 I'll try through my haze and half shut eyes to count up all the reasons why I should be back at home tonight Chorus 2 Half awake half a world away All my past mistakes and every mispent day Proves that I'll never change I'll always stay the same I wouldn't have it any other way Other bit Well I'm half awake, a world away All my past mistakes and those wasted days I wouldn't have it any other way I wouldn't have it any other way I havent checked this coz I'm lazy so some bits might be wrong but hey, life goes on. I hope you enjoy this tab and you get admiring looks from members of the opposite sex.
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