Level 42 – Its Over tab

It's Over
Level 42
Running In The Family 1987

Hard chords here but 42 rarely use capos.

|Dbsus2| |Gbadd9| |Abm| |Bbsus4 Bb| 

|Cm11| |Fm7| |Bbsus2| |Dbsus2

Dbsus2                       Gbadd9
I won't be here when you come home
     Abm                                             Bbsus4 Bb
I'm sorry if you don't understand, forgive me if you can
Cm11                  Fm7
but I can see another road
                   Bbsus2 Bb
and I ain't coming back
Dbsus2                       Gbadd9
Don't look for me around this town
      Abm                                          Bbsus4  Bb
'cause I will be so far away, you'll never find me anywhere
Cm11                    Fm7
and I won't take no souvenirs
                        Bbsus2 Bb
no perfumed picture promises
             Cm11  Fm7
because it's over
and I ain't coming back

Abm  Gb6    Fm7   Bb   Dbmaj7
You gave me everything
             B7            Bbm7 Ab
and now I'm breaking your heart
     Gb6     Fm7       Bb  Dbmaj7
you know that I don't mean
             Cm7b5 Fm7 Bbmaj7 Dbsus2 Gbsus2
to tear your world a - part

The B7 in the chorus should strictly be 
written as Cb7 but I don't think the website will 
recognise the chord.

Some more chords dotted around but bear these 
sophisticated chords in mind and you'll get them.
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