Something About You chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Level 42 - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Level 42 – Something About You chords ver. 2

E C#m DHow, how can it be
Bm7 EThat a love carved out of caring
C#mFashioned by fate
DCould suffer so hard
Bm7 E C#mFrom the games played once too often
DBut making mistakes
Bm7 EIs a part of life's imperfections
C#mBorn of the years
DIs it so wrong
Bm7 ETo be human after all
E CDrawn into the stream
D EOf undefined illusion
CThose diamond dreams
D EThey can't disguise the truth
C D EThat there is something about you, baby, so right
C D EI wouldn't be without you, baby, tonight
C#m D Bm7If ever our love was concealed
E C#mNo one can say that we didn't feel
D Bm7 EA million things and a perfect dream of life
C#m DGone, fragile but free
Bm7 EWe remain tender together
C#mIf not so in love
DIt's not so wrong
Bm7 EWe're only human after all
E CThese changing years
D EThey add to your confusion
E COh and you need to hear
D EThe time that told the truth
E C D EBecause there's something about you, baby, so right
E C D EI couldn't live without you, baby, tonight
E CAnd that there's something about you
E C D EAnd I couldn't live without you tonight
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