Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftan – Rogues Do It From Behind tab

Song name: Rogues Do It From Behind
Band: L70ETC
CD: Udder Chaos

Tabbed by: Mumbis


PM = palm mute (writen under the ones who shud be muted)
/ = Bend up note with fingers and release (put strings back in place again)
( = slide to the note on the right side of it.
    for example: 5(6 , slide from 5 to the 6th band.
** = Let note ring

Play while listenin to the song ;P

e -----------------------------------------------------------|b -----------------------------------------------------------|g -----------------------------------------------------------|d ---------8/----7-6-5-3(5-----------------------------------|a ---------6/----5-4-3-1(3-----------------------------------|E -0-0-0------0----------------------------------------------| |PM---| |pm|
e -----------------------------------------------------------|b -----------------------------------------------------------|g -----------------------------------------------------------|d ---------8/----7-6-5**-------------------------------------|a ---------6/----5-4-3**-------------------------------------|E -0-0-0------0----------------------------------------------| |PM---| |pm|
And thats all i've found out so far x) Have fun! Please Rate! If there are any errors comment or correct: Causetheresnooneintheworldlikeme@hotmail.com THIS IS MY FIRST tabbed song so far ;) so hope it's good ^^ ENJOY! /with best regards, Mumbis (TABBED BY MUMBIS)
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