Lhasa De Sela – My Name chords

Lhasa de Sela - My Name
transcribed by: robertdanielmaher (at) gmail (dot) com

electric piano, arranged for guitar:

3/4 section:

F#m|------------|------------|------------|----2-------|<|------------|------------|------------|--------2---|< also played leading into the F#m|------------|------------|------------|------------||------------|------------|------------|------------||------------|------------|----------0h|2-----------||2---------5p|3-----------|2-----------|------------|
4/4 section:
-notes in parenthesis are only played sometimes -there is a lot of room for subtle variation in these riffs (like including the 3rd) -F#m* means only play the first half of the riff 3/4 Em
Emwhy don't you ask me how long i've been waiting
Emsat down on the road with the gunshots exploding
F#mi'm waiting for you, in the gloom and the blazing
F#m*i'm waiting for you
Emi sing like a slave, i know i should know better
i've learned all my lessons right down to the letter
F#mand still i go on like this year after year
(strum F#m 4 times) waiting for miracles and shaking...... (change to 4/4) Em7 ............with fear
Em7why don't you answer, why don't you come save me
show me how to use all these things that you gave me
F#m7turn me inside out so my bones can save me
F#m7*turn me inside out
Em7you've come this close, you can come even closer
the gunshots get louder and the world spins faster
F#m7and things just get further and further apart
Em7the head from the hands and the hands from my heart
one thing that's true is the way that i love him the earth down below and the sky up above him
F#m7and still i go on like this day after day
still i go on like this Em7 F#m7
Em7now i've said this, i already feel stronger
i can't keep waiting for you any longer
F#m7i need you now, not someday when i'm ready
Em7come down on the road, come down on the road
F#m7 Em7 F#m7
Em7my name, my name
nothing is
F#m7nothing is the same
Em7and i won't go back the way i came
my name, my name
F#m7nothing is the same
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