Libertines – Cant Stand Me Now chords

			     Can't Stand Me Now Acoustic - The Libertines
Similar To the Electric Version but I think it sounds good on acoustic with these Chords.

A: 003330
A2: 577655
B: 799877
E: 022100
C#m: 446654
F#m: 244222

Tuning: Standard

Strumming patterns not the easiest to explain if you listen to acoustic versions of the 
song it may help.

Intro E A C#m B A2 B

Verse 1

EAn ending fitting for the start
AYou twist and tore our love apart
C#m(strum) BYour light fingers through the dark
A2 BShattered the lamp into darkness they cast us
ENo, you've got it all wrong way round
A C#m(strum)You shot me up, and blamed it on the brown
BCornered the boy kicked out to the world
A2 BThe World kicked back, a lot fuckin' harder now.
Pre Chorus
EIf You wanna try, If you wanna try
C#m ETheres no worse you could do, uh oh oh
EI know you lie, i know you lie
C#mBut I'm still in love with you
B A2uh oh oh can't take me anywhere, I take you anywhere
B A2You can't take me anywhere, I can take you anywhere
F#m BOh I'll take you anywhere that you wanna go
E AOh, you can't stand me now, (no, you can't stand me now)
A EYou can't stand me now, (Oh, you can't stand me now)
A AYou can't stand me now, (No, you can't stand me now)
ENo you can't stand me now.
Verse 2
E AHave we done enough to keep it together?
C#m BOr do we just keep on pretending
A2 BAnd hope our luck is never ending, no.
E AYou tried to pull the wool, I wasn't feeling too clever
C#m BAnd you take all that you lending
A2 Until you needed mending, no.
Pre-chorus 2 (same as before) Chorus 2 (same as before)
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