Libertines – Babyshambles chords

This is for the song "Babyshambles" that is credited to the Libertines on "Babyshambles 
sessions CD".

These chords fit best with this acoustic version and not so much the released version 
that was a B-side to "f**ck Forever" single by Babyshambles


Bm E DThe first news was there's Americans on the shore
(repeat progression for whole verse) CHORUS
C D BmChloeeeeee
(repeat twice and go back into the verse on the Bm) BRIDGE *ALL CHORDS BARRED HERE*
F# You don't need no one
G A DYou don't need no one who feels the same old way
(repeat until bridge ends) Song ends on Bm *NOTES* When playing Bm lift your middle finger on and off the 5th string 3rd fret during the verses When playing D during the chorus lift your little finger on and off the 6th string 3rd fret
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