Lil Capn Travis – Steady As She Goes chords

Steady As She Goes- Li'l Cap'n Travis
capo 3
A EAnother mornin', another day upon the sea, followin' the breeze, it's like a dream come true
A EThere's no storm warning', it's just steady as she goes, the wind's ticklin' my nose
'til the day is through
A EOh great, another beautiful sunset, it's just like I always dreamed, livin' life in
paradise is harder than it seems
(Stop chords) A EThe fishin's thrillin' but I hate cleanin' out the bones, drinkin' all alone, talkin' to myself
A EShiver me timbers, the stars are big and bright, another romantic night, no one else
A E AThe breathtakin' sunrise is like an angel watchin' over me, it's like bein' haunted by
everything that
Eyou ever dreamed
That's it, pretty simple, listen to the song to get the strum pattern and whatnot, Thanks!
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