Lillix – Quicksand tab

                   Quicksand  by lillix

E             Em                   A              G     
yesterday, seemed so much longer than today
Em                                 A          G  
there must be something wrong with me 
Em              Am    D
I think im losing it, oh no
A               G
I must be stupid

 Pre Chorus:
           Em          G
Now im here, yes im here 
Cause I tried
            Em                G
If you're here then you're here 
for a while

E       C          A
I cant reach the sky
G                             A
Without being dragged down 
E         C              A
I cant run forever while 
G              A
I try to hold on
Em                                A
But if you'll be there when I drown 
C                               Am
I don't want to hold your hand
E                  C    A  
Its quicker than quicksand
             G           Em
And you just wont make it

(Then some other chords)

Verse 2:
E                  Em                 A        G
Nonetheless, I think I've seen a brighter side
Em                    Am      G
I've trusted no one deep outside

Em             Am              D
Is what they call the rest of them 
A                     G
They just don't get it

Pre chorus 2:
           Em                 G
But were there, yes were there
For a trial
             Em                 G
And youre there yes youre there 
For a while


G                                      Em
I've seen so many try to get there way
 G                             D                                          
I'm sure its really not that bad (x2)
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