Lillix - What I Like About You tab

This is my first entry and I'm only 10
 the chords used are: A5, Em and D
intro: Em, A5, D 3x

do the intro one the time again before you do the second hey. 
Verse 1
               Em A5 D
What I like about U
               Em A5 D
U hold me tight
Em              D
Tell me I'm the only one
A5         D        Em
Wanna come over tonight

Em      A5        D
Keep on wispering in my ear
Em              A5          D 
Tell me all the things that I wanna hear
            Em  A5 D
'Cause it's true
                            Em     A5         D
That's what I like about U (what I like about u)
                  Em A5 D
What I like about u
                        Em A5 D
U really know how to dance
Em         D       A5
When u go up,down,jmp around
D          Em      A5 
Talk about tru romance

then a piano solo
from here to-
What I like about u
U keep me warm at night
Never wanna let u go
U know u make me feel all right

Yeah... here bass only (no guitar)

                  Em  A5  D
what I like about you you you
keep repeting and just get your voice lower and lower. 

Then done hope you like it and if you want to hear how you do the strumming listen to the song.
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