Lillix - 7 Days chords

7 Days
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Key: B, D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
B -     x24442
E -     022100
Ebm -   x68876
D -     xx0232
C# -    x46664
Bm -    x24432
A -     x02220
E/G# -  476xxx
G -     320033
F#m -   244222
Em -    022000
G#m -   466444
Bb/D -  x587xx


B 7 days will make
You feel alright
E Ebm Not coming home tonight
DCause Iíve got nobody else
C# BFeeling the same for me
(Repeat) Bass Solo: B--D-C#- x2 Verse 1:
BDown to make a choice
In a Rolls Royce
D C# BHowling it up
In a castle at the Platzl
DGot my lungs
C# BAll filled with clouds
Watching eyes pass Midnight
D C# BOpen til three
With a lip ring In between
D C#Caught in the symmetry
Refrain 1:
Bm A Whatís gotten into me?
E/G#Cause this feeling
Your meaning
GItís keeping me
BmFar from home
With every word
AYou say
E/G#Iím here believing
Not leaving
GTell me that
Youíll never go (Repeat Chorus) Post Chorus: Guitar Solo Bm--A--F#m--Em-- x2 Verse 2:
B Buzzing G.P.K.
On the first day
D C# BHeartbeats for free
D.T.P. only 19
DWith "World of Warcraft"
C# BOn the screen
Take it slow So she doesnít know
D C# BYour summer fling
As the ex Sends 40 texts
D C#Forgives what used to be
Refrain 2:
Bm A Fall for the psycho scene
E/G#A teen no doubt it
About it
GDonít tell me you know
What I mean (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
F#I donít know
G#mWhat youíve taken me for
EbmAnd it seems like itís
A repeat of a
Bb/DFamiliar door
F#But soon youíll see
G#mWhat you are missing
EbmStuck inside your brain
Bb/DCanít take those
Days away
F#But soon youíll see
G#mWhat you are missing
EbmStuck inside your brain
Bb/DCanít take those
Days away
F#Canít take those
Days away
G#mCanít take those
Days away
EbmCanít take those
Days away
Bb/DCanít take those
Days away Sang in Backup Vocals: I donít really know What to do And I donít really Know what to say Three days go by Without a word or
A "Hey!"Canít help but
Assume that itís Something I said Next day I look around And investigate Youíre back with me Girl that you told me You hate You're taking it wrong and And youíre from the Same town No choice to move on At least Iíve got A new song! Aw! (Repeat Chorus twice) Sang in Backup: while doing Chorus I don't know what to say or you're feeling stay or you're leaving tonight Outro: B(hold)
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