Lily Allen – Smile chords


Amwhen you first left me
GI was wanting more
Ambut you were f***ing that girl next door
Gwhat'd you do that for
Amwhen you first left me
GI didnt know what to say
AmI never been on my own that way
Gjust sat by myself all day
Ami was so lost back then
Gbut with a little help from my friends
Am Gi found the light in the tunnel at the end
Amnow you're calling me up on the phone
Gso you can have a little whine and a moan
Am Gand it's only because youre feeling alone
Am Gat first when I see you cry
Amyeah it makes me smile
Gyeah it makes me smile
Am Gat worst I feel bad for a while
Ambut then I just smile
Gi go ahead and smile
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