Limp Bizkit – Wish You Were Here tab ver. 2

Artist: Limp Bizkit;
Song: Wish You Were Here

This version is specially for Standart (E) tuning.


Play this twice:

Then this 2wice: (E*)e:--------|----0----0-0-0-----------|------0--0-0-0--|B:--------|----0----0-0-0-----------|------0--0-0-0--|G:--------|----4----4-4-4-----------|------x--x-x-x--|D:--------|----2----2-2-2-----------|------2--2-2-2--|A:------2h|4---4----4-4-4----2h4h2--|------2--2-2-2--|E:--2h4---|------------------------4|2-----0--0-0-0--|
Verse: (E*) (A)So, so ya think you can (B)tell, Heaven from (F#m)hell, Blue skies from (E*)pain, Can you tell a green (B)field From a cold steel (A)rail, A smile from a (F#m)veil? Do ya think ya can (E*)tell? (A)So, so ya think we can (B)change, Everybody that (F#m)hates, Before it's too (E*)late? So proud to be (B)free, But who could we (A)blame? Don't be ashamed (F#m) Do you think we could (E*)change? (Repeat Intro) Chorus: (E*) (A)How I wish, how I wish you were (B)here, We're a (F#m)world of lost soles simming in a fish bowl, (E*)Year after year, (B)Running over the same old ground, (A)But have we found The same old (F#m)fears, Wish you were (E*)here (A)We don't need, need anymore (B)pain. We just (F#m)need to remain on the very same page, (E*)So much to gain, (B)No more to losing a friend, Than losing our(A)selves. We just need your (F#m)help. So glad you're (E*)here. (Repeat Intro) (end)
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