Limp Bizkit – Jump Around tab

Tabbed by: Jake Dilemani, May 22, 1999
Artist: Limp Bizkit
Song: Jump Around
Album: Family Values Tour 1998
Release Date of song: April 2, 1999

* Drop D tuning
In the verse play the B or high E string, usually around the 12th to
fret. Use vibrato and some effects pedals. 

Chorus:E:---------------------------------------| The chorus varies in how many times the B:---------------------------------------| chorus riff is played.It's played 4 times in G:---------------------------------------| the first chorus, and 8 times in the second D:--1-1-1-1--0---------------------------| chorus. You can add mutes between each A:--1-1-1-1--0---------------------------| chord for a better effect.E:--1-1-1-1--0---------------------------|
* In a section of the verse the guitarist picks and slides down the D string from about the 8th fret to the 3rd fret while palm muting each note. This happens when Fred Durst sings " If your b*tch steps up." VERY EASY Any questions, comments or corrections please e-mail me at Fresh Tabs NOTE: If you got this tab from other pages,kindly report to
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