Lincoln Brewster – More Than Amazing chords ver. 2

If you don't like the G/E in the second line of the chorus, just play Em. 

Capo 2

Intro: G C  Em  C

Verse 1
G You're the One who walked on water
CAnd You calmed the raging seas
Em You command the highest mountains
CTo fall upon their knees
G You're the One who welcomed sinners
CAnd You opened blinded eyes
Em You restored the brokenhearted
CAnd You brought the dead to life
Pre Chorus
D Em C Forgetting all our sins
D Em CYou remember all Your promises
Gsus G Gsus GYou are amazing
Gsus/E G/E Gsus/E G/E More than amazing
Dsus CForever our God, You're more than enough
G You are amazing
Verse 2
G With authority You've spoken
CAnd You've set the captive free
Em You're the King who came to serve
CAnd You're the God who washed our feet
G You're the one who took our burdens
CAnd You bled upon the cross
Em In your kindness and Your mercy
CYou became the way for us
Bridge (4x)
G EmOh how marvelous, oh how wonderful
Dsus COh how glorious You are (amazing)
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