Lincoln Durham – Clementine chords

thank you  likwid 

Intro: C, E, F, C, G, C, E, F, C, G, C

C EClementine, don't you cry for me
F C Gwhen the smell of the roses fades eventually
C Ejust go for now and leave me to my sleep
F C Gi'm free from this world now from this painful heartbeat
F G G Break Chey.... clementine... don't you cry for me..
C etc........clementine, may your path be blessed
never again to wear your black vail and dress let each step take you far from pain don't let this world leave this dirty old black stain hey.... clementine... don't you cry for me INSTRUMENTAL BRIDGE: Am, Em, Dm, F 2x
F G C...Clementine.... Don't you cry for me
Clementine, now it's time to part there's no more breathe in me but still an ache in my heart just give me one last smile and dry your eyes we had our time and now it's time to say goodbye hey... clementine.. don't you cry for me hey... clementine... won't you cry for me
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