Linda Ronstadt – Whatll I Do chords ver. 2

What's New (1983)
Intro AbM7,Bbm9,AM9,Eb9
Ab CmGone is the romance that was so divine
AbM7 Eb9 Ab EbAugTis broken and cannot be mended
AbM7 CMaj7 FYou must go your way and I must go mine
C G7 Eb9 But now that our love dreams have ended
AbM7What'll I do
Dbm Cm Bbdim When you are far away
Ab F7 Bb7 And I am blue
Eb9 Ab Ebdim,Bb7 What'll I do
AbMaj7What'll I do
Dbm AbM7 Fm7 Bbdim When I am wondering who
AbM7 F7 Bb7 Is kissing you
Eb7 AbMaj7 Ab7What'll I do
DbM7 Bbm7What'll I do with just a photograph
F7 Bb7 Eb7To tell my troubles to
AbMaj7 Dbm Cm7 EM7When I'm alone with only dreams of you
AbM7 F7 Bb7 That won't come true
AbM7 What'll I do
INterude Change Key to A
DMaj7 Bm7What'll I do with just a photograph
F#m7 F#7 B9, E7To tell my troubles to
AMaj7 Dm7 C#m7 Bm7b5When I'm alone with only dreams of you
AMaj7 Em7 Bm7b5 E7 That won't come true
AMaj7 What'll I do
Outro:A7,DM7,FM7,AM7,Bm7b5,AM7,DbM7 All Corrections welcomed.
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