Lindsay Pavao - Say Ahh chords


Whole song. :)
Listen for chord transitions

Since we in the club
For now
Might as well get another round 
Notice there ain't nothing in your cup
So get here baby let me fill it up

Go girl,
Its your birthday
Open wide, I know you're thirsty
Say Aah
Say Aah
We don't buy no drinks at the bar
We pop champagne cuz we got that dough
let me hear you say

Pocket full of money 
Club goin' jump
Til I rock inside the doorway
Bottles of the rose
Smellin like Dolce and Gabbana
Shawty you the baddest and to meet you is an honor 
Lil mama
I got a table waiting
What you think about a convo
And if you like it baby we could take it to the condo
And if you like the condo
We could move the party to the bedroom
Momma beat your body like a congo

Pre- Chorus then Chorus
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