Lindsey Haun – Broken Acoustic chords

this song is off the Broken Bridges soundtrack (2006)
 the chords are different from the movie to the single; in the 
 movie, it's played acoustic as a country song, the single is pop.
 Also, i transcribe songs to match the pitch for vocals, so you may
 need to change the tuning for your voice.
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Verse One

C A wake up to a sunny day / not a cloud up in the sky
C and then it starts to rain
C Am Em my defenses hit the ground / and they shatter all around
C so open and exposed
D Gi found strength in the struggle
D Gface-to-face with my troubles
C A Dwhen you're broken / in a million little pieces
C Gand you're tryin' / but you can't hold on any more
D G Cevery tear / falls down for a reason
A Ddon't you stop believing in yourself
Emwhen you're broken
Verse Two
C Alittle girl don't be so blue / i know what you're goin' through
Cdon't let it beat you up
C Am heaven knows that getting scars / only makes you who you are
Amonly makes you who you are
Prechorus Two:
D Gno matter how much your heart is aching
D Gthere is beauty in the breaking
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