Link Wray – Apache tab

The song, as you might have already guessed, is
"Apache", from the legendary Link Wray
It has been transcribed into tablature by ear by yer friendly neighbourhood
who you can reach at, I suppose.


  First things first: if this is the first tab you've read, no need to be
ashamed, we've all been there! The only thing you'll need to know is that
when you see this:


The b ("bend") means that you play the note on the seventh fret of your G
string, aka D, and pull the string upwards (or downwards, I won't judge)
until it sounds like you're playing the ninth fret on the same string, aka
E. The r (release) simply means that you slack yer string back to how it was
before you bent it. Simple, right?

  Secondly, the bars I put in there almost never mean that you have an
actual musical bar between those lines. It's just to seperate the song into
segments that are easier to read (and therefore learn). I expect you to
learn the timing with the song, not with this ol' thing.


Okay, now that that's outta the way, you've got yer little intro solo:


And then you dive straight into this mother hubbard:
Followed by this galloping little nuumber:
._..._....__._..._...._ Now, you've got all the essential ingredients to play he whole song! I'd put the whole darn thing here, but that would only stop you from learning all the little variations and use of the whammy-tremolo-vibrola-wadjammacallit by yourself, and that's half the fun of playing this thing! So get out there, plug yer cheapest guitar in yer cheapest amp, crank that volume up to eleven, and wreck some good ol' fashioned havock!
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